Our company do three types of cutting & Fabrication;




Maximum Thickness: Up to 150mm, Bed Size: 6000mm x 2000mm

Other Materials: Mild Steel, Hardox, G.I, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, MDF, Plastic, Rubber, Wood, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles,  Marbles, Granite, Asbestos.


Our advanced CNC waterjet cutting machine allows us to produce complex shapes, in a broad range of materials, to extremely tight tolerances.

The process also allows for extremely flexible quantity requirements to be met, from rapid prototyping for development work to full volume production. Regardless of quantity requirements, waterjet technology cost-effectively produces components to a consistent quality standard.

Water jet cutting produces no inherent material changes so, unlike laser cutting, there is no work-hardening of edges.


Waterjet cutting delivers a range of benefits over other cutting methods and technologies, including:

Cold cutting means there are no thermal influences or contamination flexible processing of virtually all materials with consistently high quality cutting

Intricate detail may be easily produced

Polished and highly reflective materials may be cut

Material saving production, achieved by a reduced cutting width and the nesting of several parts on a single sheet

Maximum degree of material utilisation thanks to the smallest of part separation distances (partially free of burrs) and part in part production

Tension-free processed parts, owing to minimal cutting force

Environmentally friendly and clean production without poisonous gases

Good access to the work area of the water-jet system

Optimisation of cutting parameters to meet individual customer requirements

It is possible with some materials to identify the cut parts using water-jet engraving

High material savings due to narrow bridges or ribs

No tool manufacturing costs and tool storage costs

High productivity possible through dual cutting systems and multilayer cutting




Maximum Thickness : Up to 40mm Mild Steel, Bed Size: 6000mm x 2000mm

Maximum Thickness : Up to 25mm Stainless Steel, Bed Size: 6000mm x 2000mm


Our advanced CNC Plasma Machine can cut broad range of material with different thickness. Plasma cutting is an effective way of cutting thin and thick materials alike.




Maximum Thickness : Up to 6MM for Aluminium Sheets, 12MM for MS and SS Sheets.
Professionals Architectural Models provide Laser cutting as customer demands & drawings.



Professionals Architectural Models provide services of steel fabrication, as per the customer requirements which include Marking & measurement, straightening, cutting, punching, bending stamping, notching & welding etc.